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Posted on 04/18/10
Great service. Knowledgeable people. They go the extra mile to provide excellent customer service.

Posted on 11/24/09
I have had spas for the last 22 years. I have bought many replacement parts and several covers from them and they have always treated me professionally and provided great advice. They seem to listen to what I want and recommend the right solution, not just the most expensive.

Joe B.
Posted on 11/08/09
Jeff and his team were absolutely great to work with. We bought our first spa from them and the experience was fantastic. It was delivered and set up in a very professional manner. I would not hesitate to recommend them to others looking to buy a spa.

Lori Peter
Posted on 08/30/09
We bought our first spa here in 1994. The service and support has been fantastic. So this week when it was finally time to buy a replacement spa, there was no question where to go -- back to Tradewind Spa! Found a great new spa at a great price with good sales support in the showroom.

Posted on 08/24/09
Awesome experience! Great store and very knowledgeable help! We have been doing business with Jeff and Tradewind Spas for several years. We have always gotten great service and very good products. Recently we ordered a new spa cover. Jeff took the time to instruct me on how to measure the rounded corners on our spa. The cover arrived within a week and fits perfectly. I would highly recommend this store to anyone; in fact I have. Our friend had a consult with one of Jeff's employees who helped him get the correct chemicals to get his spa up and running at his new rental place.

Relaxing in Los Gatos
Posted on 08/23/09
We absolutely love our new hot tub! We bought our house just over a year ago and inherited a very old and leaky hot tub. Having never owned a spa, Jeff and Don took the time to educate me, sent out someone to look at the tub and provided input whenever I needed it without pressuring me into a new tub. My fiancee surprised me with a brand new hot tub for my 40th birthday this summer and Jeff and his team could not have been more helpful. They were in on the surprise, arrived with the new tub (complete with noise makers and party hats) and expertly removed the old tub and installed the new one. They are very professional, always available to answer questions and provide support. They treat their customers as human beings rather than applying pressure to make a buck. I wish more businesses were run like Tradewinds. Very highly recommended!

Phil L.
San Jose, CA
Posted on 05/12/2010
We just started to rent a house with a 400 gallon, 10 year old Coleman Spa, and now that the weather is nicer, I was eager to get it up and running. Our landlord never used the spa, so he didn't know much about it, and I had absolutely no idea if it even worked, let alone how to add chemicals to it.

After receiving a flyer from Tradewind Spas in the mail, I decided to give them a call for an inspection and help with initial setup. I'm glad I did! I ordered their "10 Point" inspection service and they scheduled it for a Sunday, which was very convenient - no need to take time off work.

The guy was fantastic! He did the complete mechanical inspection and told me everything there is to know about the spa. Showed me the buttons, explained how the mechanics worked, gave advice on when to start its filter cycles (i.e. when peak demand for electricity prices are low), and had plenty of common sense things that I would have never realized if I tried to set the spa up on my own. He was there for over two hours and I took pages and pages of notes. Well worth the $50 price from the coupon.

The guy was like an encyclopedia of knowledge about the spa, and didn't try to sell me anything and looked like he really enjoyed his job. To save me a trip to the pool store, I purchased the "starter kit" of chemicals from him, which he added to the water and then broke down what every thing does, and when to use it. He even brought and sold me a new filter, saving me that hassle of trying to track one down that fit our spa.

I was enjoying the fully treated and heated spa only a few hours after he left.

Dana C.
Posted on Santa Clara, CA
Just purchased my second spa from Tradewind Spas. After 20 years my old spa died and it did not make sense to fix it. I went to Tradewind Spas (I had not been there in at least six years), I walked in and the owner (Jeff) greeted me by name - pretty impressive for not being there in six years. Anyway I told him about the problems with my spa and he agreed that it was time for a replacement. He showed me the replacement spa for my current model, explained the improvements that have taken place in the last 20 years and demonstrated all the features. I came back with my wife a few weeks later and ordered the spa. The delivery went flawless, the delivery guys were excellent and extremely helpful. There is a reason Tradewind Spas has been in business for 30 years. They flat out understand customer service and relationships. I highly recommend Tradewind Spas.

Misha S.
Posted on San Jose, CA
This review is long overdue. We bought our tub about a year ago and we love it. The service we received was exceptional and the service post sale still amazes me. Great pricing and service. Wow.

Neil B.
Posted on San Jose, CA
We worked with Jeff in buying our first spa. He was super knowledgeable and there was zero pressure. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend this place, they rock.

Saratoga, CA
Posted on 01/14/2010
I purchased a portable spa from Tradewinds in 1984. It provided 20 years of service before needing to be replaced. Last summer I reworked my back yard and decided to add a spa to the new design. I discovered that Tradewinds was still in business so I assumed that they must be doing something right. After a few visits to the store I settled on a small moderately priced spa that would meet my current needs. They provided clear instructions on building the gravel pad and recommended an electrician for the 220V drop. They delivered the spa, wheeled it through the yard and placed it on the pad. I was very happy with the pre-sale and post-sale customer service.

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